The answers to your questions

Wigmores is a well stocked mini supermarket and is located 1.5kms distance from Vaikoi. 

Telecom Wifi is available in all the bungalows, equiviliant to ADSL broadband speeds.  You can purchase data blocks via credit card as and when needed.

There are two restaurants at the Rarotongan Resort & Spa and Sanctuary a short 5 minute walk from Vaikoi.  Vaima Restaurant is 1.5km from Vaikoi and offer a courtesy pick-up for guests.  

The beach is less than 2 minutes walk down the drive from Vaikoi.  Aro'a beach is one of the most beautiful and best swimming and snorkeling beaches on the island. 

This is largely dependent on the weather - there are mosquito coils in the bungalows for your convenience. 

No, your bungalow is fully set up with linen, towels and even beach towels which you can wash as necessary during your stay. 

No, your bungalow is set up to get started with milk, water, juice, bread, cereal, fruit, tea and coffee as well as oil, salt and pepper.  There are two good supermarkets on the island as well as a butcher and a fresh fish shop that we can highly recommend.  

There is a hair dryer, iron and ironing board for your convenience.

Yes, they all have natural lighting and large mirrors and are spacious. 

We recommend that guests drink bottled water as Rarotonga's water supply is gathered at several water intakes on the island but in times of heavy rain is not suitable to drink, however is fine for any other purpose.

The good news is there are no snakes but centipedes can give a mean bite however you will probably never see one during your stay.  Sand mounds can denote red ant nests which can also give a bite like stings.  You can sometimes spot a gecko (small lizard) but as like every other small creature on the island, they are more scared of you and do not bite and are not poisonous. 

We strongly request that you don't share your excess food with the chickens or birdlife - roosters are Rarotonga's natural alarm clocks and can be annoying!  Food left outside can also attract ants very quickly.

Please do not help yourself as the coconuts as they need to mature however Mata will be only too happy to find a drinking coconut (Nu) for you on request.  You are welcome to enjoy the mangos, starfruit and bananas when they are in season.

Less is best as dinning out is casual and beach wear is the norm. 

There several options - walk, bus, scooter or car.  The bus goes past the end of the road every half hour.   Island Bike & Car Hire and Budget Rentals both have scooters and cars at competitive rates available for hire.

Yes, we welcome family and friends to visit you at Vaikoi however if you are entertaining in the evening, please be respectful of other guests or invite them to your party!

Vaikoi strives to be environmentally friendly - please be our ally by recycling glass, paper, cardboard, plastic and cans in the appropriate bins on site at the rear of the property.  The bins located outside the bungalow are for food scrapes and anything that cannot be recycled - all rubbish should be bagged prior to putting in the bin.

Management can arrange on your behalf transfers to and from the airport.  Raro Tours are our preferred operator, their charge is $20 per person each way which includes transfer, bottle of water and flower lei on welcome.

To enable us to offer such high quality accommodation and to meet our guests preference for peace and privacy, the bungalows are self catering with everything provided  to feel like "your home away from home", we therefore ask you when you leave the bungalow to return it to the exceptionally tidy state it was when you arrived, however you can request a cleaning service and walk out without breaking a sweat!

Rarotonga has a great temperature all year round as seasonal variations are slight, with temperatures ranging between 18°C and 28°C in the winter months (May to October) and 21°C and 29°C during the summer (November to April). 

June to August are the cooler months, while November to March marks the warmer season, with occasional tropical showers expected. The drier months from April to November have an average temperature of about 26°C, while the warmer, more humid and damp season runs from December to March.

We're happy to advise no, your bungalow will be well equipped with linen, bath and beach towels and even a spare set of each.  You also can make use of the washing machines during your stay - you'll find that washing dries very quickly in Rarotonga!